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Hi..I am Rheya!

I am a professional massage therapist from Bangkok, Thailand. Having mastered skills in Tradition Thai massage, I have helped to alleviate many of my clients conditions. I constanly strive to learn and develop new techniques in order to advance my skills further. Having aquired skill in Hot Stone and Deep Tissue Massage technique, I have combined this technique with traditional thai massage and devoloped my own unique style which I am utterly passionate about.

In 2011, I started enrolled at the Collage and qualified at ITEC Level3. I have worked many years in Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Clinics, treating people with muscle injuries and back problems. This has broadened my skill and knowledge enabling me to tailor a full comprehensive range of advanced physical therapy to suit each individual in order to provide them with the best experience. 


I am a warm caring person who is passionate about what I do. I love to help people to make positive changes to their lives.