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Mother's Day Treatments 2022

Make Mom feel special! This Mother’s Day, treat mum to some peace, quiet and pampering with a relaxing. Book Now 07548922333 #stratforduponavonmassage #rheyamassagetherapist #motherdaygift #stratforduponavonmotherdaygift #stratforduponavon


Oriental Bespoke Facial Massage is known as “The Natural Face Lift" A facial massage combining techniques from the Orient as well as some other beneficial rejuvenating movements. Benefits: – Helps remove toxins built up in the face and head. – Helps calm anxiety. – Softens fine lines and reduces wrinkles. – Relaxing as well as rejuvenating. – Relieves tension. – Headache and sinus relief. Oriental Bespoke Facial Massage relieves tension built up in head, shoulders, neck and f

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