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Oriental Bespoke Facial Massage is known as “The Natural Face Lift" A facial massage combining techniques from the Orient as well as some other beneficial rejuvenating movements. Benefits: – Helps remove toxins built up in the face and head. – Helps calm anxiety. – Softens fine lines and reduces wrinkles. – Relaxing as well as rejuvenating. – Relieves tension. – Headache and sinus relief. Oriental Bespoke Facial Massage relieves tension built up in head, shoulders, neck and face, helping fresh oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely. In turn this allows the skin to become more radiant. This release of tension can help alleviate headaches, sinus problems and anxiety.

I am so happy and excited to add this beautiful skincare range called "Tropic" for facial treatments. Tropic range has been created by "Susie Ma" from those early days at her mum's kitchen table, Susie's come a long way. In 2011, she officially launched Tropic, after her appearance on The Apprentice won the admiration and investment of Lord Alan Sugar, and since then, she’s expanded our range to include everything from SPF and makeup to sleep products and hair care. She’s been recognised with multiple industry plaudits for her work, from a position on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list to winning Outstanding Entrepreneur at the Global Business Excellence Awards.

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